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Life is a Society surrounded by the World with,

all its necessities and waste,

the beauties and the beasts all having a feast,

one big orgy in one big cage is civilization at one big desert station.

One big cage for us normal ones too, rage and rage, we’ve done so for ages on many a stage.

Now look into the Future, when we’ll have been defeated it shows the way we

mistreated Mother Nature so now there is no more a Savior, we’re a failure ‘cause,

the reality and the Truth are that we all are clowns letting Nature down and,

the System just frowns and looks away to tell us why

we are Clowns as we are here to stay making the choices we shouldn’t but, who’s gay,

we can do better by far then,

just hitting that Par.


Unique Individual



I am a unique individual,…I am,

an individual ‘cause I’m original.

People make me conscious of who and what I am but,

I stand stout as I am proud to I say it out loud,

I am a unique individual.”

I stem from genes that have never been seen and I’m keen.

Keen to be seen for what I represent, me, I really was created.

Like fish in the sea we are free and like the lions in today’s jungle

we are king and make the world rumble and humble,… yes we can.

The many shapes and shades of the many colors in strollers of life

carrying the many hearts and farts just to take them all apart,

shake ’em but don’t break them ‘cause when it all comes together,

it all is as light as a feather, it’s me I’m free.

I am a unique individual,…I am!