Nature and love comes from far above and for love to be found,

look around and no matter where, when or who you are, look up to see that falling star.

Nature is love and nothing can be more beautiful than she is,

I know her well and what she is, a wish,

 a cloud with a golden lining studded with diamonds covering us all, skeleton and soul.

The birds and the bees sipping their teas are having a ball not worrying to be late

it’s fate, they’re happy as they are so why be quick, be slick.

Nature is so perfect it cannot be wrong, it’s loyalty, passion and trust it is a must for us

lovers of many a kind, to be or not to be sane in the mind.

May it be a subconscious or abstract surrealist creation that we’ll give back as a donation,

 just know it is real, feel and make a deal.

We intended to better the World but doing it the other way around 

it sure will put us soon into the ground  never to be found it’s so,… profound!

The World being upside down makes no difference as we are going around and around

not knowing if we’re up or down, in Heaven or in Hell I just like to ring that bell to let them

know, I’m coming.

Enough for now, I will take my bow,

Nature, the love of my life will make me strife for better and not for worse so, 

’till then,… I’ll burst into laughter not ever knowing what comes after.

So, now you know, love is there for us all to share with Mother Nature setting the pace,

to love and be happy face to face whatever the race.



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