Artists and Fartists


Artists and the just Fartists,  Artists and Critics how cynical it can be it’s clinical.  The artist, a creator and inventor the one from where it all starts, it’s not bull, it’s cool, we create, they hesitate, we let you take and speculate.  We’re not fake so take what we make ’cause whatever else there is could make you miss.  We artists we do, it’s no poo, we sing, we write, we create playing the part as it all comes from the heart it’s not hot air like Fartists fart. It is a fact, that we do express not needing to be oppressed or told, it is like gold. To be objective is not to be subjected to be at the mercy of speculators, investors, politicians, the prawns of society, the academics, the critics and the scholars that have no morals they pass on their thoughts manipulating and anticipating cashing in ,…sorryVincent.   Most Fartists just hibernate, speculate, criticize and minimize our cut in size.  In the end they don’t realize we always do get first prize,being who the way we are, and that my friend money can’t buy, it’s no lie.  We have eyes we have ears and feelings to shed tears, we are witnesses with no fear to bare and share what we create and do not hesitate to eliminate that what’s not to be ’cause we’re free With artists it’s from within what we let out sharing it with a smile for it’s all worthwhile that all can be, part of this Universe-city,so you see all you fartists do need us artists


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