Mother Nature


I am in love.

I am in love with the most incredibly beautiful phenomena imaginable and for me,

it’s just manageable.

She is beautiful, sensual, passionate, strong and destructive when abused or accused,

very talented with accurate precision making her witty-pretty and unconditionally perfect.

I did not realize but now I do, it started by looking at her and wondering how and why,

I was not shy and did not lie I just had tears in my eyes, she is so wonderful,

making me feel high she blows my mind she’s just that kind.

Falling for her was a blessing as now I know what it’s like for it all to be, reality.

She comes and goes, here and fro, from the sun to the snow it’s just making me glow.

One thing I must mention as it does cause some tension,

the many things about her that are not known keep me intrigued, entranced and enhanced.

The Gods must have made her promise to keep it all a secret, the birth of her

soul in the garden of Eden the opposite of hell and when you get there, just do ring the bell.

All others that have fallen for her must realise that the show must go on

knowing the wear and tear will bare all with time and many a rhyme.

I will court her ’till, that day and when we meet again, I’ll know her better then before,

that’s for sure.

She is a mystery, a question with no answer,.. an eternal dancer.

Silly me,.. please let me introduce to you, the one and only I will say to,…

yes I do, without hesitation or need for persuasion.

Mother Nature, I do love you !

Sage G


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