Anything is possible


The saying, anything is possible is true therefore it is possible that some things are just impossible and the main impossibility that is bad and therefore sad, are the people that are born bad making it impossible for anyone to let them understand and realize the honest logic or realistic truth about the fact that they are bad and being bad is not good and can be evil.
Being evil is to have no feelings, consideration or compassion, no conscience and no remorse or guilt when torturing or hurting others mentally, verbally, physically or materialistically using any means to do so. Being able to destroy, hurt and kill is not the will of anyone and it must not be done, it must be changed to understanding, caring and sharing, the saying: “to be OR not to be”, should be, “to be AND not to be” !

Many people, male and female making a living, (we all do without exception) through honest or dishonest Work, The Arts, Sports, Religion, Politics, Business, (corporate) Judicial, (law) or any other possible way of making money and or power do have various degrees of this badness. It shows disguised as just selfishness, greed, self greatness or just simply ignorance causing everyday competition to use fair and many times unfair methods and corrupt techniques and tactics, (strategies) to gain or accomplish what they want for themselves.  In the meantime the good ones try to be honest  using reason to make things rhyme as having a good time enjoying what we’ve got to carry on until the end and then my friend,… we’ll meet again.

Life and its purpose have now reached the stage of being a vicious chain by which we have to live not given a choice.  We are born, tested, moulded, abused and loved, used, exploited, reprimanded, accused and punished whilst competing and struggling being forced us to be masochists.  We slowly age, deteriorate and die when we want to live or are being kept alive when we want to die, the fact remains that we were born to die when Nature decides it is time.

Mankind the human race, it did it all at its own pace. We all are related like one big family and we had it all but it didn’t take long for us, (Adam and Eve?) to do it wrong so now we pay and stay to belong still doing it wrong until we’re gone, so sad,.. it is bloody mad.

Sage G

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