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I close my eyes and realize that I see you here, I see you there,

I see you everywhere, in my mind, in my heart and in my life,

you should be, my wife.

In my mind I see that you are beautiful and kind,

a bit naive but it will go being part of life’s show.

After all we will survive living a happy life living ever after with lots

of laughter singing about all the things that love can bring.

In my heart I see a little girl and a woman they are one,

cute and dangerous it’s a challenge and a chance to love and be loved

as it did came from up above for reasons only mother nature knows,…it shows.

In my life you make me strife to get me to where it counts with both my feet

upon the ground where pots of gold still can be found for you and me,…it is profound.

Surrounded by all things good and understood we’ll be caring and sharing enjoying life going on that ride with pride,…side by side,

Dreams do come true and mine will too, it does depends on you for it all to be realized as

I fantasized, striving for you to be,…my wife .




Along the river I walk and to myself I talk,

I reminisce of days gone by and how you made me feel so lovingly high.

When I close my eyes I realize the softness of your skin,

touching, caressing and romancing telling me,

I do want you,… it’s true.

Your lips touching mine our bodies entwined and a gentle breeze passing by

throwing your hair way up into the sky thinking for you I would die.

The flowers I see in your eyes have color galore making me want more, je t’adore.

The birds I hear singing tell me not to fear, all is clear and when I open my eyes I realize

you’re not a dream as it all did may seem.

It is great that fate brought us together and yes,

what a lucky man I am to have met the woman I think of when,…

along the river I walk and to myself I talk.




The truth is,

When a man gets to a stage when he reaches a certain age of maturity,

his tummy will grow and the cheeks will go.

It’s funny about the tummy that it will take away without consultation or

consideration the rights for the cheeks to be sleek

being the butt attached to the stud.

Once upon a time the tummy and the butt made up the stud,

but now past forty five and still alive he walks funny, his tummy

pretending there still is a butt but knowing he no more is the stud from

when he still had the butt being the sleek stud,…yeah,….

A full profile is necessary!




Nature and love comes from far above and for love to be found,

look around and no matter where, when or who you are, look up to see that falling star.

Nature is love and nothing can be more beautiful than she is,

I know her well and what she is, a wish,

 a cloud with a golden lining studded with diamonds covering us all, skeleton and soul.

The birds and the bees sipping their teas are having a ball not worrying to be late

it’s fate, they’re happy as they are so why be quick, be slick.

Nature is so perfect it cannot be wrong, it’s loyalty, passion and trust it is a must for us

lovers of many a kind, to be or not to be sane in the mind.

May it be a subconscious or abstract surrealist creation that we’ll give back as a donation,

 just know it is real, feel and make a deal.

We intended to better the World but doing it the other way around 

it sure will put us soon into the ground  never to be found it’s so,… profound!

The World being upside down makes no difference as we are going around and around

not knowing if we’re up or down, in Heaven or in Hell I just like to ring that bell to let them

know, I’m coming.

Enough for now, I will take my bow,

Nature, the love of my life will make me strife for better and not for worse so, 

’till then,… I’ll burst into laughter not ever knowing what comes after.

So, now you know, love is there for us all to share with Mother Nature setting the pace,

to love and be happy face to face whatever the race.



Artists and Fartists


Artists and the just Fartists,  Artists and Critics how cynical it can be it’s clinical.  The artist, a creator and inventor the one from where it all starts, it’s not bull, it’s cool, we create, they hesitate, we let you take and speculate.  We’re not fake so take what we make ’cause whatever else there is could make you miss.  We artists we do, it’s no poo, we sing, we write, we create playing the part as it all comes from the heart it’s not hot air like Fartists fart. It is a fact, that we do express not needing to be oppressed or told, it is like gold. To be objective is not to be subjected to be at the mercy of speculators, investors, politicians, the prawns of society, the academics, the critics and the scholars that have no morals they pass on their thoughts manipulating and anticipating cashing in ,…sorryVincent.   Most Fartists just hibernate, speculate, criticize and minimize our cut in size.  In the end they don’t realize we always do get first prize,being who the way we are, and that my friend money can’t buy, it’s no lie.  We have eyes we have ears and feelings to shed tears, we are witnesses with no fear to bare and share what we create and do not hesitate to eliminate that what’s not to be ’cause we’re free With artists it’s from within what we let out sharing it with a smile for it’s all worthwhile that all can be, part of this Universe-city,so you see all you fartists do need us artists




Nil, Nada, Naught, Nothing,

Zero is something, anything it is everything but for us to see we can only know, the past, present and imaginary future with time and time created this rhyme.  A rhyme of life, love and strife, the past, present and future for all the creatures that evolved but never did resolve, the question why?   A beginning always has an opposite end whatever the trend and Zero being eternity, a fraternity, a circle of dots, lots and lots, the Sphere it’s not queer the symbol of a humble never ending creation of all the nations, religions and beliefs with never ending opposites in war, believing and receiving.  Two extremes it seems are one in all, never ending always sending, the same zero signals.We’re surrounded by circles made of dots, lots and lots never ending or pretending, always sending. To make things clear, in the good old days religion had its ways, when the Zero was created religion retaliated, O was a threat and there was fear among the clergy that got near, it was to big a number it hit them like thunder.They need to be understood not to know that zero is the book as should bethey did and didn’t know which showed, it’s a lot they did not even get hot, Bare with me as I say, Eternity for all Fraternity, zero is the beginning and the end,we all better be a friend.