Nil, Nada, Naught, Nothing,

Zero is something, anything it is everything but for us to see we can only know, the past, present and imaginary future with time and time created this rhyme.  A rhyme of life, love and strife, the past, present and future for all the creatures that evolved but never did resolve, the question why?   A beginning always has an opposite end whatever the trend and Zero being eternity, a fraternity, a circle of dots, lots and lots, the Sphere it’s not queer the symbol of a humble never ending creation of all the nations, religions and beliefs with never ending opposites in war, believing and receiving.  Two extremes it seems are one in all, never ending always sending, the same zero signals.We’re surrounded by circles made of dots, lots and lots never ending or pretending, always sending. To make things clear, in the good old days religion had its ways, when the Zero was created religion retaliated, O was a threat and there was fear among the clergy that got near, it was to big a number it hit them like thunder.They need to be understood not to know that zero is the book as should bethey did and didn’t know which showed, it’s a lot they did not even get hot, Bare with me as I say, Eternity for all Fraternity, zero is the beginning and the end,we all better be a friend.


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